Color 1971 1973 1978
Black (M) - Polychrome 605D
Blue X
Ocean Blue (M) 3T037 R3T 037H
Midnight Blue (M) R2T921 R3T 223H
Nutmeg Brown (M) R3T 060H
Burgundy (M) R2T935 R2T 935H
Bahama Gold (M) R2T929 R2T 929H
Gray (M) - Polychrome 3735 (Jan-Mar 1970)
Light Green X
Mint Green (M) R2T927H R2T 927H
Kelly Green (M) R2T926
Olive (M) 46890
Fire Orange (M) R3T 327 R3T 327
Saturn Pink (M) 2T 909
Pirate Red (M) 3T036 R3T 135H
Venetian Red (M) R2T932
White (M) - Polychrome 1051 X
Yellow X
Sunset Yellow (M) R2T934 3T 355 X
Natural (M)
Info 29-Dec-1970 Jun-72 to Jun-73 Aug-1976

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