Color 1971 1973 1978
Blue X
Ocean Blue (M) 3T037 R3T 037H
Midnight Blue (M) R2T921 R3T 223H
Nutmeg Brown (M) R3T 060H
Burgundy (M) R2T935 R2T 935H
Bahama Gold (M) R2T929 R2T 929H
Gray (M) - Polychrome 3735 (1970)
Light Green X
Mint Green (M) R2T927H R2T 927H
Kelly Green (M) R2T926
Olive (M) 46890
Fire Orange (M) R3T 327 X
Saturn Pink (M) 2T 909
Pirate Red (M) 3T036 R3T 135H
Venetian Red (M) R2T932
White (M) - Polychrome 1051 X
Yellow X
Sunset Yellow (M) R2T934 3T 355 X
Natural (M)
Info 29-Dec-1970

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